Rules of the Park

Rules of the Park

The rules of the park are to be followed at all times. These rules are put in place to keep you safe, as well as the animals.

1. Never feed animals near our Entrance.

2. Wait until you reach the first red sign to begin feeding.

3. We love our pets as much as you love yours, but under federal laws we cannot allow pets or service animals into the safari. No personal pets are permitted on the premises.

4. Remain in your vehicle at all times.

5. Vehicles without a roof are not allowed inside the park. This also includes jeeps without the proper siding and roll-up windows.

6. No riding in the beds of a truck. All customers entering the park must stay inside the cab of their vehicle.

7. You must stay on the one-way roads at all times. The animals eat the grass! Please stay on the road.

8. Do not hand feed the animals for the safety of you, your car, and the animals, do NOT hand feed. Toss the feed on the ground.

9. No motorcycles or ATV's are allowed on the property at any time.